CR ArtWork

CR Artwork attempts to create a brighter more surreal world through pieces of art that cut through the gray of the real world. The namesake artist, Cassandra Reid, has featured art, design and even some online publishing under the mark. CR Artwork also gives back to the community, volunteering art pieces and time to ensure that the community that helped the arts is supported back!

Whether it be Graphic design, illustrations or painting or just plain design CR Artwork has a solution for all. From surreal illustrations to modern new design and branding solutions we’ll work with you the entire way, making sure your design is seen and comes to life!

Who is Cassandra?
Cassandra Reid is an artist and graphic designer. Inspired by Salvador Dali and Vladimir Kush, thinking of new and innovative solutions to problems. She creates unique art pieces taking inspiration from real life and dreams. Still working on new art and witty comments that will keep art lovers thinking.